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FSB Regulatory Exam update – What will be significantly impacted by Board Notice 194

The amended requirements contained in the 2017 Determination of Fit and Proper Requirements will impact on the content of the study material for the REs. Persons who registered to write the regulatory examination ON or AFTER Tuesday, 3 April 2018 are obliged to write the new version of the regulatory examination, which will contain the updated questions. […]

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RE Fraud

We encounter a variety of attempts by a limited number of candidates to cheat the system. As evidenced by the example in a recent Appeal Board case, crime really does not pay. The transgressor appealed against a three-year debarment. The Appeal Board found that the person should actually have been debarred for much longer. There […]

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Authentication of RE Certificates

We often receive queries from employers regarding the validity of RE certificates produced by prospective applicants. This is indeed wise, as we are aware of instances where people fraudulently replicate documents by means of modern technology. What copy cats do not realise, is that all parties of the illegal act can be identified – both […]

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Let’s start at the very beginning

This line from “The sound of music” applies equally well to those who have written the level 1 REs on several occasions and failed. It may be wise to stand back, review what you have done, and then find a different approach. The very first step is to read the Preparation Guide compiled by the FSB […]

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Appeal Process

The FSB provided the following guidelines for RE candidates who wish to appeal: Candidates have the right to lodge an appeal in respect of the regulatory examination. Appeals are directed at the content of examination questions. If you are of the opinion that a question in the exam is technically incorrect, ambiguous or unfair, you […]

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DOFA Deadlines

The jury is still out on whether 30 June or 31 December is the final date for representatives appointed in 2012 and 2013, as discussed in Thursday’s Moonstone Monitor. The FSB is reviewing the practical impact of the changes announced in Board Notice 260 of 2013, and will provide clarity at its earliest convenience. As discussed earlier, […]

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Board Notice 260 of 2014

There appears to be conflicting opinion on whether the following change, announced in this BN, will be applied retrospectively: “(e) the representative must successfully complete the relevant first level regulatory examination by 30 June after the expiry of 24 months from the date of first appointment as a representative…” Previously, the requirement was that it needed […]

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Work Your Plan

The huge spike in registrations of candidates for the final date of 30 June 2014 merely confirms the tendency to leave writing the REs to the last minute. It is almost as if some people pray for an extension, rather than get it behind them. Those whose final date for successfully completing the regulatory exams is 30 June 2015 […]

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Updated Preparation Material

The updated Juta Pocket Statutes edition of the FAIS Act is now available. LexisNexis also updated their Legislation Handbook and Preparation Guide for the RE 1 and RE5 exams. Queries about the latter can be addressed to Nerine. The Inseta study material, which was scheduled for release by 30 June, reached us this morning. Click here […]

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June 30 Deadline

All those who are required to successfully complete the level 1 Regulatory Examinations by the end of June should note that the final dates for registration are: • Permanent Centres: 13 June • Satellite Venues: 10 June Not every candidate passes at the first attempt. Please bear this in mind to give yourself a fair […]

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