DOFA Deadlines

The jury is still out on whether 30 June or 31 December is the final date for representatives appointed in 2012 and 2013, as discussed in Thursday’s Moonstone Monitor.

The FSB is reviewing the practical impact of the changes announced in Board Notice 260 of 2013, and will provide clarity at its earliest convenience.

As discussed earlier, it is to everyone’s advantage to focus on passing the exams as soon as you are ready, rather than beating a deadline. The latter just adds to the stress, of which there is enough in the industry.

Inseta Preparation Workshops

The workshops cover two aspects:

  • How to read and interpret the relevant legislation and some training on technical subject-matter and
  • Examination preparation techniques.

Please click here to register. Seating is limited, so do not delay booking your place. Please do not contact us, as this is an Inseta initiative, not ours.

Study Material

There are two fully updated resources for those requiring access to the legislation applicable to the regulatory examinations:

  • LexisNexis provides a “Legislation Handbook” together with a “Preparation Guide” containing the qualifying criteria, with a link to the relevant legislation. Queries can be addressed to Nerine.
  • The Juta FAIS Pocket Statutes also contains a CD with a comprehensive list of updated supplementary legislative material for reference purposes.

Regulatory Exams for Foreign FSPs

We scheduled two new sessions in London on 29 September 2014. Please visit our RE website at to register.

RE Schedules, Venues and Registration visit our Exam Page.

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