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Regulatory Exam Body

Moonstone’s facilities are the first choice for most candidates who are obliged to write Regulatory Examinations in South Africa. Moonstone offers candidates entry to all Regulatory Exams.
Moonstone Mandate from FSCA

Regulatory Examination bodies such as Moonstone operate in terms of a mandate from the FSCA. In a sense, we represent the Regulator, which means that we are bound by exactly the rules and regulations they need to comply with to be seen to be 100% unbiased and impartial. To this end, neither the FSCA nor its mandated bodies are allowed to endorse any training facilitators or material. Moonstone has no agreements, associations or relationships with any Regulatory Examinations training providers. Such relationships can lead to a conflict of interest, and is therefore prohibited. No training provider may claim to be acting as an associate of Moonstone, or that their training is endorsed by Moonstone.

How do I register?

To register for the Key Individual Exam 1 or Representative Exam 5 the following is required:

  • ID / passport number
  • FSP number
  • Personal & contact details
  • Professional details
What can I expect?
  • Registration: Once you have registered you will receive an email confirming your booking, it will include the date, time and venue of your exam.
  • Exam: at the venue you will be welcomed by your invigilator who will confirm your attendance and will then proceed to guide and instruct candidates through the do’s and do not’s of the exam paper. Amongst other important things specific instructions regarding the appeals process and remarks are given; please listen carefully to these instructions.
  • Results: Once your exam is completed, your paper continues a strict process as prescribed by the FSCA to the marking station. Results are checked and double checked and then sent to the FSCA for approval to release. Once approved the results are communicated to candidates. To ensure accuracy a maximum of 20 working day lead time is allowed from exam to results being released.
  • Rewriting exams: Re-registration for the exam is not needed, simply logon here and complete the logon details.
How to Prepare

WATCH: 6 Video modules which will help you prepare for South Africa's Regulatory Examinations. Please note this is NOT training material.

Our Exam Venues

See our exam schedule for more details

How do I make a booking?

Individual bookings can be made by one of the following methods:

  • On-line
  • Telephone –our registration call centre are available weekdays during business hours(08h00 – 16h00). Call (021) 883 8000 / 888 9796
  • Emaildownload and complete the registration form and e-mail to

Bulk Import for multiple simultaneous registrations.
Multiple simultaneous bookings can be made via a bulk registration process – Click Here for more information on our Proposal on bulk registration or contact our registrations office on (021) 883 8000 / 888 9796 for more information.

Moonstone provides for candidates with special needs – please
contact us for more information.