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Financial services and technology – Opportunity to underst …

FinTech essentially encapsulates the intersection between the financial services industry and technology. The importance of FinTech is evidenced in the manner in which it is currently disrupting traditional financial models and structures. The disruption caused by FinTech offers both opportunities and challenges to large and small financial services companies in South Africa. The Introduction to […]

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Social media – Five tips for cyber safety

A recent article published by Discovery explains that social media, apps and devices can leave any business vulnerable to crime. With cybercrime, it’s important to remember that criminals will take their time to research every aspect of a person or a business online so they can find ways to raise a person’s curiosity or to […]

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Disclosure guidelines – Code of Conduct principles revisit …

A recent Financial Services Tribunal case to reconsider the ruling of the Ombud for Financial Services Providers, once again highlighted important provisions of the Code of Conduct for Financial Services Providers. The Tribunal specifically investigated whether the Ombud had made a mistake to conclude that the applicant failed to take reasonable steps to ensure that […]

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SA’s first loyalty programme awards – Celebrating lo …

Loyalty programme usage has, over the past few years, been growing. In 2018, survey results from the BrandMapp indicated that 75% of South African consumers use loyalty programmes. But which loyalty programme is the best? Truth, a Cape Town-based loyalty and customer relationship management (CRM) consultancy has just released the results of SA’s first loyalty […]

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