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Addressing Assumptions about POPI

We are not Google, so why should we care about data privacy? Let’s not beat about the bush. Complying with data privacy laws can be expensive and POPI is no exception. So it is not surprising that small business are balking at the idea of spending 5 figures on data privacy, particularly if they don’t […]

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POPI Awareness Training

Moonstone Business School of Excellence (MBSE), in collaboration with Compliance Online, now offer a nine-module online training course for businesses that will be required to comply with the requirements of the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPI). Content Module 1 provides an overview of the rationale for, and aims of, the Protection of Personal Information […]

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Machine Platform Crowd

Harnessing Our Digital Future This is the title of a new book by Andrew McAfee and Erik Brynjolfsson, directors of the MIT Centre for Digital Business, which was recently reviewed in News24.  Below is an extract from the review. We are living in what is the most creative and disrupted period in human history – […]

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POPI challenges for financial services industry

The Protection of Personal Information Act (POPI) applies to all industries, but some industries will be more affected than others. Financial services is one of them. Why? Firstly, FSPs collect very sensitive information. Secondly, when an FSP’s security fails, the breach can have dire consequences for customers. Lastly, the Information Regulator has indicated that financial […]

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The next evolution in financial advice

Fintech solution delivers the next evolution in financial advice to SA The SuiteBox client engagement and support tool delivers video meeting and digital signing capabilities to financial advisers Rapid advances in fintech provide a host of solutions that streamline the delivery of financial advice, while driving customer engagement, enhancing productivity, minimising costs and ensuring workflow-embedded […]

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POPI training – Who needs it?

We’ve all been there: the stuffy room with the uncomfortable seats, the monotonous drone of the facilitator reciting legislation – he’s somewhere in the middle of a 144-slide PowerPoint presentation and you are somewhere else completely. When I get confronted with this type of compliance training I am reminded of the expression ‘one size fits […]

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To POPI or not to POPI

Why complying with the Protection of Personal Information should be a priority By now you have probably been targeted by a newsletter or blog from a law firm telling you to become POPI compliant. We have a slightly different approach, because we do not think that POPI should be the reason to take a close […]

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Pick the right Ombud

This case reminds me of a Dennis the Menace cartoon where he walks up to his dad and says: “Pick a card – any card.” Dad picks a card and Dennis says: “No, not that card.” It is amazing how two Ombuds can have such divergent views on the same matter. We have often in […]

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