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    The crown of peace

    A closer look at the background to non-disclosures The “Momentum debacle”, as it became known in the media, ...

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Unpacking & understanding annuity strategies

New regulations which cover default investment portfolios, default preservation and annuity strategies were recently introduced. In an Asset TV Masterclass, a panel of experts discuss annuity solutions, retirement benefit counselling and regulation 39. On the panel are: ● Vickie Lange, Head of Best Practice, Alexander Forbes Financial Services  ● Katherine Barker, Head Funds at Work, […]

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Retirement fund default strategies

Trustees grappling with post-retirement risks According to a recent Moneyweb article, very few retirement funds have implemented default strategies ahead of the March 1, 2019 deadline. According to Barend le Grange, head of individual member support at Sanlam, a lot of funds are leaving the implementation of the default strategies quite late. Viresh Maharaj, chief executive for […]

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Virtual meetings – they make business sense

The number of devices connected to the Internet worldwide is increasing exponentially. Eighty percent of these are mobile devices. In South Africa, PricewaterhouseCoopers estimates that 77.8% of local consumers will have Internet access in the next four years. 90% of this access will be via mobile devices. The mass digital migration to mobile technologies is […]

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The crown of peace

A closer look at the background to non-disclosures The “Momentum debacle”, as it became known in the media, has certainly drawn a lot of public and media comment and interest. Many a commentator used it as a convenient whip to lash the insurance industry. The more balanced reports pointed out that the decision to refute […]

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Machine-learning algorithm beats 20 lawyers in NDA legal ana …

LegalBrief recently shared a Techspot article that reported that while most of the jobs that get displaced by computers require little or no education, even highly-educated positions could be replaced by automation: “A recent study by LawGeex pitted its machine-learning AI (Artificial Intelligence) against 20 human lawyers to see how it would fare analysing contract […]

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Behaviour change study on physical activity – Incentives d …

A recent study showed unique insights into how incentives drive sustained behaviour change. According to the results of a ground-breaking new health behaviour study by RAND Europe, a leading independent research institute, financial incentives in Vitality’s Shared-Value Insurance model combined with Apple Watch led to a sustained 34% increase in people’s physical activity levels. The […]

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