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New findings contradict NHI White Paper

Recent research conducted by Econex, a leading firm in competition economics, paints a different picture to that portrayed in the NHI White Paper on healthcare in South Africa. In a research note published this month, it challenges the claim that the current financing system punishes the poor. A summary of the research, published as a […]

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Debarment and TCF

The necessity for a process to ensure that those who fall foul of the fit and proper requirements are not allowed to practice was never in question. In particular, the bad apples need to be discarded. Unfortunately, the application and execution of the debarment process should possibly be regarded as one of the failures of […]

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Annual NCR registration fees due 31 July

All National Credit Regulator (“NCR”) registrants, including credit providers, credit bureaux, debt counsellors, payment distribution agents and alternative distribution agents are obliged to pay their annual registration renewal fees by 31 July 2017. The payment of the registration renewal fees changed on 11 May 2016 when the Minister, Dr Rob Davies, published the final regulations on the determination of […]

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Southern Cape Fires: The Future in the Rear View Mirror

“Our tale is of a rather sobering scenario that should urgently be considered by those planning for the Garden Route’s future […] in this possible future, fires would rage with abnormal intensity, seriously threatening homes, crops, plantations and people and […] such a scenario now seems a strong possibility rather than an unlikely and distant […]

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Why this is no Gorillas in the mist story

Extract from a recent blog by Troy Penney, who works for SuiteBox in Sydney,  Australia, If you and your business are in a profession that charges a fee or a commission for exchange of knowledge, then one of the Gorillas is coming after you…. Here I will tell you why and when. Facebook, Amazon, Alibaba, […]

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CPD Revisited

A reader recently wrote: I provide training on behalf of a registered medical scheme to accredited brokers on medical scheme benefit options, underwriting and processes.  I recently attended a broker training session at the Council for Medical Schemes (CMS) and was awarded 4 CPD (Continuous Professional Development) points for attending the training.  That made me wonder […]

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FPI Financial Planner of the Year

We would like to add our congratulations to the following top eight entrants who have successfully advanced to the second round of this year’s FPI Financial Planner of the Year Award. Craig Torr, CFP® – Crue Invest (Pty) Ltd in Pinelands Dirk Groeneveld, CFP® – Client Care in Port Elizabeth Francois Le Roux, CFP® – […]

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Debarment Overturned

ConCourt Judgement on medical schemes savings accounts

Following numerous enquiries for clarity on the implications of the recent Constitutional Court judgment regarding the correct accounting treatment of medical schemes members’ personal savings accounts (MSA), the Council for Medical Schemes (CMS) published an explanatory media release. Effect on medical schemes and administrators Medical schemes members’ personal savings funds need not be accounted for […]

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Twin Peaks making grim progress

In the early days of “The Pill” the UCT rag magazine, Sax Appeal, reported on a new book by the Pope titled: “The pill’s grim progress.” No doubt, the same scepticism accompanies the Twin Peaks legislation in some quarters. On 13 July, the Minister of Finance released a blueprint of how he plans to turn […]

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Old wine in new casks

The case of Takaful: an interest-free participation-based insurance system It is difficult to believe that in this modern world, with all the technology at its disposal, financial product providers sometimes reverts to antiquated financial principles in designing new products. Global alternative financing systems like Islamic finance is not a new concept. The Financial Times explains […]

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