Foreign FSP Registration

Foreign FSP Registration

A Foreign representative is recorded on the Registrar’s database using his/her passport number as identification. Unfortunately, each time a passport is renewed, a new passport number is issued.

The Registrar’s Office must manually upload foreign representatives to the central register to ensure that all information pertaining to a particular foreign representative with more than one passport number is reflected against that representative’s profile.

FSPs, therefore, cannot upload foreign representatives using the electronic notification available on the FSB website. FSPs must complete FSP Form 5 and must submit such form with a copy of the representative’s passport and work permit to the Registrar via electronic mail to

A problem also occurs when a representative uses a new passport document for registration and identification purposes when writing the regulatory examination. Results are linked to a person’s passport number which was used at this time. Should this differ from what is captured on the Registrar’s database, it will be deemed that the representative did not write the RE 5, despite the fact that he was informed of his results under the old passport number.

Advising the Regulator of the new number, as indicated above, enables the latter to record both passport numbers manually, and ensures that RE results are reflected correctly.

Please remember the Key Individual is obliged to advise the Registrar within 15 days of any material changes to the Representative’s Register. This includes a change in passport number.

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