Fraudulent RE Certificates

Candidates who pass the level 1 regulatory examination are issued with certificates which record this fact. These documents contain a number of security features to avoid fraudulent use thereof. Details of this cannot, for obvious reasons, be made public.

Modern technology makes it relatively easy to replicate documents which look like the real McCoy. What these copy cats do not realise is that both parties to the illegal act can be identified – both the owner of the original document, and the copier, due to the built-in security measures.

Honesty and integrity is one of the most important Fit and Proper requirements. Fraud such as this will obviously count against you, and will most likely lead to debarment. If you allowed your certificate to be copied, you may face the same fate.

Prospective employers need to ensure the validity of all application documents, including the RE status of applicants. The FSB published a detailed guide outlining how the RE status of key individuals and representatives can be verified.

Please click here to download a copy.

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