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Internal COVID-19 Compliance Officer – Focus on Disaster Management as distinct from Fit and Proper CO

The latest Regulations in terms of the Disaster Management Act set out specific measures that employers are required to take to protect their employees in the workplace from COVID-19.

According to the Level 4 Regulations (Sec 16(6)) as well as Clause 16.5 of the COVID-19 Directives on Health and Safety in the Workplace, the employer must designate an employee in writing, as a Compliance Officer whose duties, amongst other things, are to ensure that:

The COVID-19 prevention measures are complied with.
The COVID-19 health and hygiene protocols are complied with.
The workplace plan is complied with.
The name of the Compliance Officer must be displayed in a visible area or be communicated to employees.

The requirement for the appointment of the COVID-19 Compliance Officer applies to all industries, business, entities, both in the private and public sectors. In the Financial Services industry the same guidelines refer, and the COVID-19 Compliance Officer should not be confused with a FAIS Compliance Officer.

Unless a person is designated by the organisation, the responsibility will resort with the head/owner of the business.

The Moonstone Compliance team has compiled a detailed COVID-19 pack that provides clients with everything they need to do when re-opening their business. Contact your Moonstone Compliance Officer for more information.

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