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Good news – Life insurers have the reserve buffers to withstand COVID-19 fallout

The South African life insurance industry has more than double the legally required reserve buffers in place and is therefore well positioned to deal with the COVID-19 fallout over the coming months. The Association for Savings and Investment South Africa (ASISA) recently released the new long-term insurance statistics gathered from ASISA members in line with […]

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COVID-19 – CMS pronounces COVID-19 as PMB

The Council for Medical Schemes (CMS) has announced that all cases of COVID 19 will be regarded as a Prescribed Minimum Benefits (PMB) condition, and should be funded in full in line with the current NICD guidelines as published. The CMS Circular describes that in line with clinical protocols and benefit guidelines, this should cover: […]

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COVID-19 Response – Start by meeting daily

Chances are good that you are currently worrying about how you will keep your team synchronised and productive while they work from home. The knee-jerk response by many leaders is to try and translate old-style command and control thinking into the digital world… This is definitely not the right way to go and I can […]

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COVID-19: Moonstone’s business update

As a result of the President’s announcement of a total lockdown, our Dedicated Response team has implemented more aggressive components of our Business Continuity Plan to further assist in the containment of the coronavirus in the interest of the country, our clients and staff.. We are confident in our ability to continue to provide our […]

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COB, Product specific training and CPD – What is the impact of COVID-19?

In the FSCA’s latest communication guidelines were provided with regards to various regulatory requirements and deadlines. These include training and qualification requirements: Class of Business (COB) Training ● COB deadlines that were due for completion in 2020 will be extended to 15 December 2020. ● FSPs will have to extend the supervision period for such […]

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FSCA provides clarity on REs – Impact of COVID-19 on regulatory requirements

In the midst of individuals scurrying around, trying to understand how the 21 day lockdown will impact on them, the FSCA provided guidance on various arrangements in respect of submission of statutory returns and fit and proper related deadlines. One of the biggest questions that most individuals had was what the impact on Regulatory Exams is. Here […]

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Impact of COVID-19 on regulator – FSCA announces precautionary measures

The Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA) has announced that it will be taking precautionary measures in the interest of containing the COVID-19 pandemic, to protect their staff, the sector and to support Government efforts. As a result, the FSCA will enable remote working and use technology to facilitate all meetings. All face-to-face engagements with external […]

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