Financial Adviser Challenges – How to attract the millennial market

In a recent Linkedin post, Etienne Gouws, CEO of Momentum Intermediary Solutions, shares how financial advisers can build relationships with millennials. According to Gouws, it is important to understand and address the unique challenges that the millennial generation faces. “For financial advisers, this means getting to grips with what this generation is all about rather than – as the media often does – portraying them as a fascinating and incomprehensible other. “They’re not aliens – they’re your market”, says Gouws.

As a financial adviser, you need to:

  • present services as something that meets their key pain points;
  • communicate with this market on their own terms;
  • sell your support rather than dictating a product list of solutions;
  • create content about your services and products, specifically in terms of how they can help this generation reach goals; and
  • market yourself effectively online and stay up-to-date with the latest digital marketing techniques.

Gouws notes that it is no secret that marketing to millennials is something that a very traditional and conservative industry like financial services is going to struggle with – but it’s a challenge that financial advisers and other financial professionals are going to have to overcome if they want to make an impact. “As always, the key is knowing what your target market needs and rising to the occasion”, he concludes.

Click here to access the Linkedin Post.

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