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6 Steps to write good Facebook posts for your adviser business

In June 2019 there were an estimated 17,1 million Facebook users in South Africa, which accounts for 29.3% of the entire population. Although it is much less compared to the global figures, the growth in South African social media users has been remarkable. Besides sharing photos and to stay in touch with friends and family, […]

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Financial Adviser Challenges – How to attract the millennial market

In a recent Linkedin post, Etienne Gouws, CEO of Momentum Intermediary Solutions, shares how financial advisers can build relationships with millennials. According to Gouws, it is important to understand and address the unique challenges that the millennial generation faces. “For financial advisers, this means getting to grips with what this generation is all about rather […]

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Adviser and Advice Differentiation

The December 2016 Retail Distribution Review update provides clarity on matters which appeared slightly confusing in earlier proposals. The Regulator did away with the “multi-tied” category of adviser – in future, you are either tied or independent, although the formal title is yet to be determined. The proposals to distinguish between various types of advice, […]

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How Productive are you?

The results of two surveys in the financial services industry were recently published by CoreData, a firm who conducts research in banking, mortgages, retail saving, pensions, asset management and the financial advisory sector. In January 2014, a report titled Adviser Efficiency – Business Processes in South Africa, provided data on the way we do things […]

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