COVID-19 business requirements – Don’t let level 2 lull you into a false sense of security

Various media reports in the last few days highlighted that a growing number of businesses are not taking the necessary steps to minimise COVID-19 risk and exposure in their workplaces and as a result are being penalised.

While companies are required to ensure strict adherence to the various Acts and COVID-19 regulations, many are still not taking precautions seriously enough or are sidestepping them entirely. No doubt the move to level 2 is going to enhance this false sense of security.

According to Department of Employment and Labour reports, compliance with COVID-19 prevention requirements was only 47% in the public sector and 57% in the private sector. “As of mid-July, the department had issued 2 500 notices and almost 400 prohibition notices”.

With more employees returning to work because of the move to Level 2 lockdown, the emphasis will even be more on the safety of employees in the workplace.

Moonstone has developed a tool to assist you and your clients to ensure that, as a business, you have implemented all the necessary steps to comply with the regulatory requirements, and have ensured a safer work environment for employees returning to work.

The COVID-19 Compliance Pack (only R500.00 Excluding VAT) provides:

essential guidance
self-help tools
and documents for businesses

The pack also provides businesses access to register for Moonstone’s online course, Managing the Coronavirus, which is a guide for both employers and employees.

Click here to order online.

While the move to Level 2 allows for the easing of certain lockdown regulations, a number of restrictions remain in place to protect public health & prevent a resurgence of infections. Click here to access the Level 2 regulations.

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