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Impact of Legislative Amendments on Regulatory Exams

Candidates are reminded that future changes to the laws and regulations governing financial services will affect the question database used for the Regulatory Exams. Once legislation is passed, changes and additions are made to the questions. Past experience has shown that amendments to study material can take some time to effect. It is therefore wise […]

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The Future of Level 2 REs and CPD

Product knowledge requirements via the level 2 Regulatory Examinations and CPD requirements were originally introduced in Board Notice 106 of 2008. Subsequent to the effective date of these requirements, the Registrar granted general exemptions to the industry from complying with such requirements to allow it to review the competency framework. Clarity on how the regulator […]

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Authentication of RE Certificates

We often receive queries from employers regarding the validity of RE certificates produced by prospective applicants. This is indeed wise, as we are aware of instances where people fraudulently replicate documents by means of modern technology. What copy cats do not realise, is that all parties of the illegal act can be identified – both […]

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New CO Fit & Proper Proposals

We reported on the 18th of April of two new draft Board Notices which aim to clarify the regulatory exam requirements for compliance officers and COs under supervision. A compliance officer must successfully complete the first level regulatory examination applicable to the Category of FSP in respect of which he or she renders compliance services. […]

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Revised F & P requirements for Key Individuals

The RDR Phase 1 status update provided clarity on the FSB’s thinking on the future role and functions of a Key Individual. Under the discussion of Proposal Y: Advisers may not act as representatives of more than one juristic intermediary (adviser firm), it states: A number of commentators highlighted the fact that Proposal Y focuses only on […]

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RE Deadline for Local and Foreign FSPs

Candidates are required to successfully complete the applicable level 1 Regulatory Exam by 30 June after expiry of 24 months from the date of first appointment as representative. In practical terms, this means that those appointed between 1 January 2014 and 30 June 2014 will be required to complete the RE 5 before 30 June 2016. Please do not delay writing until the last […]

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UK exam and bulk registrations

New UK exam date Our next UK exam is scheduled for 17 March 2016. For more information contact Marietjie at REs in Mauritius We received several enquiries from candidates resident in Mauritius regarding the possibility of writing the exams there. We are quite happy to do so, provided we have a minimum of 15 to 20 […]

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Temporary cancellation of Fais examination

Often, candidates, despite having paid within 24 hours of registration, receive a notification advising that their examination was temporarily cancelled due to failure of payment. The important word here is TEMPORARY. Our system is set up to automatically send out this notice if the payment is not reflected in our bank account within 24 hours. […]

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RE in Afrikaans afgeskaf

Die FSB het aangekondig dat die Afrikaanse regulatoriese eksamens nie na 30 November 2015 beskikbaar sal wees nie. Volledige besoderhede is vervat in Fais Circular 5/2015. Slegs Moonstone bied die eksamen aan. Om te registreer, besoek asseblief As jy hulp nodig het, skakel ons RE afdeling op 021 883 8000, gedurende kantoorure.

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Just do it

Candidates who are required to write the Level 1 before the end of June next year should not leave it till the very last moment. Not all those who write pass at the first attempt. Whilst it comes as a shock, it does provide you with an opportunity to re-assess your approach, as you now know […]

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