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Just do it

Candidates who are required to write the Level 1 before the end of June next year should not leave it till the very last moment.

Not all those who write pass at the first attempt. Whilst it comes as a shock, it does provide you with an opportunity to re-assess your approach, as you now know what to expect. It is therefore prudent to leave yourself sufficient time to prepare for the next attempt.

It is evident from countless enquiries that many candidates are so focused on the study material that they do not pay enough attention to make sure that they know what to expect.

The FSB’s Preparation Guide provides very important information which will equip you with the knowledge required to approach the exam with a lot more confidence, knowing what to expect.

Should you wish to write your exams in 2015, the last day to register at one of our four permanent venues is 27 November 2015. At the smaller satellite venues you have to book before 17 November to be able to write before the end of the year.

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