RE: Preventing Cheating

The terms and conditions, which candidates are obliged to sign prior to writing the exam, contain a number of rules to prevent cheating. Here are some which you need to be aware of:

Candidates may not bring into the examination venue, or have in their possession, any unauthorised apparatus, books, paper, cell phones, electronic means of communication or notes of any nature whatsoever. However, should they have all or any of the above-mentioned articles inside a book bag or handbag, all electronic devices therein must be switched off and the container may be kept underneath their chairs during the examinations, provided that these are not handled by candidates at all for the entire duration of the examination.

It remains the candidate’s responsibility to double-check, prior to the commencement of an examination, that none of the aforementioned items are in his/her possession.

During the course of the examination no communication of any nature whatsoever may take place between candidates.

Candidates may not act in a dishonest way with regard to any examination assessment. No candidate may assist or attempt to assist another candidate, or obtain help, or attempt to obtain help from another candidate during an examination.

A candidate found guilty of misconduct, or noncompliance with these rules, may forfeit his/her examination results, and could also face further action under the FAIS Act. The candidate may be suspended from rendering financial services for the duration of the investigation, pending a final decision.

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