Important Exam Day Requirements

Our website contains a more detailed document of what is required. The following is a short extract of some of the problems regularly encountered by our exam venue staff:


  • Candidates are required to be at the venue 30 minutes before the commencement of the Examination session. This time is used for registration, and to explain the terms and conditions, including your right to ask for a remark, or appeal against a question. Please make sure that you make provision for possible delays, and know exactly where you have to be, and how to get there. Should you not be able to make it on time, kindly phone us on 021 883 8000 and ask our exam department to notify the invigilator.
  • No candidate may enter the examination venue later than 30 minutes after commencement of an examination session and no candidate may leave the examination venue less than 30 minutes after commencement of an examination session. This is to prevent other candidates being disturbed while concentrating on the exams.
  • Only candidates registered for the examination in question will be permitted to sit for the examination. No person may write an examination on behalf of another candidate.

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