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Where are we with TCF?

All the talk, or rather, the lack of talk about TCF, has a left a lot of us in the lurch as to just where we stand with this initiative.

The one bit of good news is that, for once, the focus will not be on intermediaries, as much as it will be on product providers. Added to this is the fact that, for most of us, fair treatment (and more) of customers is a natural part of how we do business.

A company called the TCF Partnership developed a very easy to use tool to help you gauge the gap between where you are in terms of TCF, and where you currently are.

We strongly recommend that you set aside some time to do this exercise. It will not only measure your progress; it will also provide guidance on how you can improve your service to comply with demands next year of proof that you have implemented TCF measures.

Please click here to download the gap measurement tool.

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