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Wealth Management Qualification Training in August

Our next training session takes place from 27 to 29 August at the Oakdale Club in Bellville.

Moonstone Intellectual Capital (MIC) offer learners the opportunity to qualify for the further education and training certificate in Wealth Management. This qualification was designed specifically for those in Long Term Category B1 and B2 who wish to obtain a full qualification at NQF level 4. This qualification also complies with the requirements for individuals (Representatives, Key Individuals and Sole proprietors) in Long-term Insurance Category A and Friendly Society Benefits.

Our qualification program is divided into five clusters, consisting of 30 credits each. These clusters are facilitated over three days, rather than in an extended training session. This has several advantages:

  • Productivity is less affected as time away from work is reduced
  • Enhanced learning takes place as pre- and post-course assignments ensure better retention of knowledge
  • A learner will be able to complete and understand the questions in the workbook
  • Duplication of previous training is prevented as learners can elect which clusters they wish to attend in order to qualify for a full qualification
  • Moonstone uses experienced facilitators

The Wealth Management qualification enables intermediaries to understand their working environment, the legislative obligations they are subject to, and product-related information.

Our program is aimed at all levels of intermediaries, from newcomers to seasoned advisors.

Each training cluster involves the following:

  • Pre-course preparation (two weeks before the training)
  • An orientation session (e-mail communication before the training session)
  • Three days of classroom facilitation
  • Workplace based learning
  • A workbook assignment
  • A homework assignment and
  • A summative examination

Registration is now open. In view of the work that has to be done prior to the classroom training, we recommend that those interested in attending, register as soon as possible. In order to ensure quality facilitation, we will restrict attendance to 20 students only.

Please address queries to Ronel or Albert at 021 883 8000.

Click here for more information and to register.

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