Too much Heaven

Bogenoemde titel van ‘n Bee Gees liedjie som vir my die huidige (amper) oor-aanbod van sport op. Dit wil voorkom of al die belangrikste sportgebeure in die een maand wat Engeland somer beleef, ingeprop word. Vandag sal ‘n paar manne duimstres opdoen van “channel hopping” tussen die krieket en die gholf. Saterdag en Sondag word Superrugby ook deel van die resep, om nie te praat van die fietsry in Frankryk nie

The Ashes and Cricket board shortfalls 

The start of the 2nd test is upon us and much is expected if the previous test is anything to go by. The Aussies almost stunned the Poms with a gutsy performance in their fourth innings to narrowly lose by 14 runs. Having said that, I think the English have found their reach, if I may use a boxing term. Historically, they start bad in a test series, but I believe their “guns” will start firing with greater accuracy in the 2nd test.

The likes of Petersen, Prior, Swann, and do not forget Anderson, are star quality players – add to this the consistency of Cook, Trott, as well as the rising star, young Joe Root, and you have the ingredients of a recipe far superior to that of the Aussies.

I must admit that it’s pleasing to see that it’s not only Cricket South Africa who is able to make fools of themselves in public. The current tiff in Australian cricket can also be attributed to weak management from the top down. Recent events in Pakistan, New Zealand and India also reflect that each of these countries have their own problems.

My parting leg glance: money plays a large role in the game, yet the quality of administration is far inferior to the quality of the players we see. Surely this is an imbalance which can only harm the sport?

The Muirfield Monster

All indications are that this course, in its current condition, will provide a fair contest between the modern day equipment and a golf course using all the guile of Mother Nature to thwart the players.

Dis net ‘n dapper man wat voorspellings sal maak, maar my ma het nie bang kinders groot gemaak nie. Die wenner sal uit die ouer garde kom, wat ondervinding het van sulke omstandighede. Mickleson sal iets soos 153 jaar se geskiedenis moet oorkom om te wen – dit was die laaste keer wat ‘n wenner van die Skotse ope ook die Britse Ope gewen het. Tiger het meer ondervinding van die rof as die meeste van die spelers na sy nagmerrie rondte met sy vorige besoek, en Ernie sal ook iets meesterliks moet doen om sy kroon te behou. My ma het ook nie dom kinders groot gemaak nie, daarom gaan ek nie een spesifieke speler uitsonder as moontlike wenner nie.

The following joke will helpfully set the scene for the golf which is already underway:

Two Glaswegians, Archie and Jimmy, are sitting in the pub discussing Jimmy’s forthcoming wedding.

“Och, it’s all goin’ pure brilliant,” says Jimmy. “Ar’ve got everythin’ organised awready, the fluers, the church, the caurs, the reception, the rings, the minister, even ma stag night”.

Archie nods approvingly.

“I’ve even bought a kilt to be married in!” continues Jimmy.

“A kilt?” exclaims Archie, “That’s magic, you’ll look pure smart in that. What’s the tartan?”

“Och,” says Jimmy, “A’d imagine she’ll be in white.”

Cheetahs in Australia

A Brumby is a free-roaming feral horse in Australia. A group of Brumbies is known as a “mob” or “band”. Brumbies are the descendants of escaped or lost horses, dating back in some cases to those belonging to the early European settlers, including the “Capers” from South Africa. Source: Wikipedia.

There is a lot you can read into that if you want. My prediction is that the Brumbies, under Jake White, will not be “free-roaming”, but approach the game in a conservative manner which usually leads to victory. The defense of the Cheetahs will be sorely tested, but with Hennie Daniller and Willie le Roux to pounce on errant kicks, the Aussies will have to be very alert, too.

The descendants of “escaped or lost forebears” who make up the inhabitants of Australia are, like South Africans, an extremely competitive “mob”. This promises to be an exciting match.

The same goes for the Crusaders/Reds match, where I expect the home team to come out on top, given their recent form.

Nou toe – sien julle Maandag.


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