The importance of the FSCA’s RE Preparation Guide

The Preparation Guide outlines exactly what the examination will be testing and where to find the information.

Studying the Preparation Guide is in fact the very first step a candidate should take to ensure that he or she knows what they have to know, and where to find the required information. This is the best approach to follow when planning and preparing for the Regulatory Examination as it is highly effective and does result in a better outcome.

The qualifying criteria provide the basis of knowledge and skills against which the regulatory examinations are set. Only questions based on these criteria will be included in the exams.

Students are therefore advised to download and use the FSCA Preparation Guide.

Please click here to download the latest Preparation Guide, which also includes the most recent updates to the qualifying criteria.

Latest legislation:

To access the latest legislation and applicable Board Notices, please visit the FSCA website.

  • Click on Regulatory Frameworks
  • Click on Legislation
  • Click on applicable Act or Board Notice e.g. Financial Advisory and Intermediaries Services Act (FAIS Act) (Act 37 of 2002)

The Moonstone website, contains a wealth of regulatory examination information. Please feel free to browse there to your heart’s content.

Our registration call centre is available weekdays during business hours (08h00 – 16h00). Contact 021 883 8000 / 888 9796 or e-mail

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