Technology Adoption for Financial Advisors – Sink or swim, Jannie

According to Marina Grindle, FMG Suite’s Content Marketing Specialist, technology adoption has become a sink or swim situation for financial advisors. “Innovations are shaking up many of the traditional areas of financial management largely due to the demands of tech-savvy consumers and the changing face of the financial services industry”, she recently shared on the IRIS website.

According to recent Forbes research only two out of five financial advisors are implementing technology throughout their businesses. However, the use of technology in advisory firms has grown to 40% of firms as of 2017, an increase of only 10% since 2014. Much of this hesitation to embrace technology comes from the often large gap between simplicity and functionality.

In her article Grindle shares insights from a webinar that was created to discuss some of the opportunities and challenges currently facing the financial services industry.

Click here to read the IRIS article.

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