Festive Season Road crash stats – Human factors biggest cause

According to preliminary figures, road accidents recorded in the recent festive season total 1 286, regrettably and unfortunately resulting in 1 612 fatalities nationwide. These statistics were recently announced by the Minister of Transport, Dr Blade Nzimande.

A breakdown of the report highlighted that 90% of the road crashes experienced during the period were caused by human factors. Some of these human factors are:

  • Drunk driving – Reported to still be a huge problem with the World Health Organisation report stating that 58% of road traffic deaths in South Africa involve alcohol. (It would be interesting to know how many of these cases involved pedestrians under the affluence of incohol)
  • Failure to wear safety belts – The seat-belt wearing rate was reported to be as low as 38% for drivers and 31% for front seated passengers.
  • Distracted driving – Which is hugely influenced using cell phones when driving.
  • Non-compliance to the road laws – Highlighted by reckless and negligent driving.

Click here to read the Ministers’ report.
Click here to read the South African Insurance Associations’ article.

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