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Shifting your communication online – Social media best practice tips

As events around the coronavirus continue to evolve, many advisors have realised the importance of proactive communication with their clients. The means of the communication has also changed as more communication are actioned via online meetings, phone calls and even social media.

Being active on social media was important before COVID-19, but now, it is absolutely essential. But what is the best way for financial advisers to efficiently and effectively leverage social media to build their brand as well as their credibility? The USA’s Commonwealth Financial Network compiled a download that not only includes best practices, but also highlights tips per social media channel.

Integrate social media into your overall marketing strategy. Social media is a component of, not a replacement for, your other marketing efforts.
Start slow. Don’t get overwhelmed by trying to do too much too fast. Your social media efforts will be most effective if you do a little, observe and learn, do a little more, observe and learn.
Be consistent. Once you set up a pattern for posting, stick with it.
Visit a couple of websites you find interesting or useful. Spend time on them each day looking for content for your social media efforts.
Store up interesting articles so that you can post links to them at intervals throughout the day.
Make your updates unique. Add your thoughts, opinions, and personality to your updates.

A tip from our side: consider horses for courses. Not all clients enjoy Twitter, especially possibly older clients, who may prefer Facebook. Speak the language your client wants to hear, not what you prefer.

Click here to download the document that focusses on Facebook, Linkedin as well as Twitter.

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