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Moonstone Partners with SuiteBox to open South African office

SuiteBox, the mobile office solution for professionals, launched in South Africa in partnership with Moonstone Information Refinery to provide sales, marketing and frontline services. In addition, Moonstone acquired a 10% equity shareholding in SuiteBox Solutions.

Ian Dunbar, SuiteBox CEO, said: “If you want to spend more face-to-face time with your clients, if you want a more efficient and productive advice process and if you want to boost your compliance capabilities, then SuiteBox is the solution for you.”

SuiteBox, in partnership with Moonstone, now offers South African professionals a new digital customer engagement channel. The software has gained traction across Australasia, particularly among the financial services community, where, although face-to-face time with clients is prized, it is increasingly difficult to schedule regular physical meetings.

“SuiteBox is the only video meeting technology solution that allows you to share, amend and digitally sign documents with your clients in real time and with full compliance. Modern compliance and regulatory requirements slow down business processes, while adding to the costs. SuiteBox solves these problems by combining video, document collaboration and digital signatures for on-screen authentication to complete transactions immediately. No more sending an email and waiting days or weeks for a response,” said Dunbar.

Hjalmar Bekker, Moonstone Director, said: “South African professional services businesses face the same compliance and productivity challenges as businesses in the UK or Australasia, and perhaps a few more. SuiteBox saves you hours a day just in travel time. But, the true value is in the business productivity and compliance benefits. If you need a solution that fits your busy lifestyle, while enhancing your client engagement, SuiteBox is the answer.”

About SuiteBox

SuiteBox transforms customer engagement with intuitive video, document collaboration, selective recording and real-time digital signing, helping you accelerate and close business using the full power of mobile and desktop devices. It is able to be fully white labelled and seamlessly integrated with a client’s core CRM or banking platform. SuiteBox is available via monthly subscription, is delivered via the cloud and requires no technical expertise to use.

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