Levies on financial institutions – Published by the FSCA

The FSCA has published the 2019 levy notice:

Category I or IV FSP

(a) A base amount of R3 575; and (2018: R3 373)
(b) KI/Rep x R570 (2018: R538)

 Category I or IV FSP (1.1 and/or 1.19 only)

(a) A base amount of R3 575; and (2018: R3 373)
(b) KI/Rep x R250 (2018: R250)

Category II, IIA or III FSP

(a) A base amount of R7 203; and (2018: R6 795)
(b) KI/Rep x R570; and (2018: R538)
(c) IUM x 0.0000184595 (2018: 0.0000174146)

Ombud Levy

(a) A base amount of R1 105; and (2018: R1 023)
(b) KI/Rep x R421 (2018: R390)

It appears that the increases have mainly stayed in line with inflation, despite substantial changes as a result of the introduction of the FSCA.

Click here to download Notice 384 of 2019

Click here to download the FSCA’s responses to comments received on the Draft board notice * of 2019: levies on financial institutions.

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