Don’t leave your client in the dark – SAIA advice for your clients

Earlier this month the whole of South Africa was impacted by load shedding. South Africans were scrambling to keep up to date with load shedding phases and schedules to ensure they have gas, battery or candle power in place to at least have some form of light in the total darkness. Businesses were suffering as some were forced to close shop when they did not have backup power to support them through these “dark” hours.

But what are the risks on the insurance industry? According to Nico Esterhuizen, SAIA General Manager: Insurance Risks, there isn’t much that people can do to prevent load shedding. However, he strongly advises consumers to take all precautions humanly possible to prevent possible power surges from inflicting damage to their household appliances. “We urge them to unplug all their appliances during a power cut. This will not only serve to protect their appliances from damage but will also act as a fire prevention precaution should there be a power surge”, Esterhuizen shared.

In a recent SAIA media release Esterhuizen advised on how to prevent a power surge in your home.

This is also an opportunity for insurers and brokers to connect with their clients to ensure they are correctly covered for risks related to load shedding.

Click here to access the South African Insurance Association’s (SAIA) media release.

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