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Digital distractions – the new fatal attraction?

Technology has become the most important communication tool for us all and has transformed the way in which live our daily lives, including the way in which we find, consume and retain information.

The digital economy is a war zone, battling to capture our attention. It is therefore no wonder that technology is also becoming more and more addictive as well. But what is it that makes us so vulnerable to these digital distractions and how do you self-regulate your attention?

“There is”, according to Bill Davidow, a high-technology industry executive, “no simple solution to this problem.” We have to start by recognising that our virtual environment has very real consequences. Change comes from taking small and sustainable steps towards building new habits. Become aware of your own triggers and build boundaries into your digital domain. Seek out real human interactions and take time to read real books in order to contemplate thoughts. Ask yourself about the ethical implications of the applications you use and think critically of the information that you so easily consume. Lastly, in order to successfully navigate the virtual world, you might have to first actively practise living responsibly within it.”

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