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Cybercrime – coming to a PC near you soon

For all you know, (or may not know), it may already be there.

Our staff was recently addressed by cyber security specialists on the current status of cybercrime in South Africa.

This is not the kind of list where you want to appear near the top, but South Africa rates third highest in the world in terms of cybercrime victims.

Most of us have experienced the friendly call from Microsoft in India wanting to help sort out problems with our PC systems, but there is much more to it than simply ignoring these wanabee fraudsters.

The latest newsletter from Netto Invest contains an article on this matter. Included is a list of eight basic security tips for individuals. See how you fare – I failed 6 of the recommendations:

  1. Do not use the same password for all your profiles
  2. Use an alphanumeric password and include special characters (&,$,@,*)
  3. Update your passwords regularly, at least annually.
  4. Ensure the password contains at least eight characters.
  5. Never use your personal information, e.g. ID, date of birth or phone number.
  6. Always have up to date anti-virus software installed (and running!) on your PC and all mobile devices.
  7. Beware of risks using banking apps and wi-fi hotspots when doing online banking.
  8. Never click on an email link taking you to your bank’s website.

For an update on the status of cybercrime in South Africa, please click here.

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