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Covid-19 – Emotional Distress spiralling out of control

Ask Afrika is conducting independent research on an ongoing basis, to understand the socio-economic impact that the Coronavirus, lockdown and gradual reopening of the economy has on South Africans. Each week new results are shared.

The latest results show that the emotional impact of the virus is taking its toll on many who continue to experience a sense of hopelessness. The impact of the lockdown on socio- emotional and economic factors has been immense.

Here are some of the findings:

Emotional distress is twice higher than financial distress.
Less than a quarter of all citizens feel they are “managing” – this is less than half of what it was
Only 1 in 5 citizens have accepted the “new normal”- more than a third are still in a state of sadness. depression and hopelessness about Lockdown.
Overall distress is worst in the NW, MP and EC provinces.

These are trying times. While advisers have the responsibility to try to calm their clients and talk them through these scary market conditions that further impacts their fear, advisers have their own health and emotional well-being to care for. Remember to practice self-care as well.

Click here to download the Ask Afrika research that focusses on covid19 understanding, fear & lockdown behaviours, emotional distress, food security/ hunger, financial distress, government & business reputation as well as trust in leadership.

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