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Your email signature – So much more than just your name and title

In a recent AdvisorPerspective article, Crystal Lee Butler reminds us that all of the activities we do to promote our business and gain new clients is considered marketing, so even cold prospecting emails, emails with your referral partners, and emails following up with warm leads are all considered a kind of email marketing. As a result, it is important to use every opportunity to market effectively. “…be aware of etiquette as well as some common email-marketing pitfalls and mistakes that can cost you,” she advises.

One of the aspects that many forget is how to create an email signature that attract the reader’s attention as well as convey information about you to the reader.

“If you’re only putting your name and basic contact information in your email signature, you’re missing an opportunity to take full advantage of this space to engage with all of the people you’re emailing,” Butler recommends.

Here are three of her tips:

1. Use an eye-catching branded email signature that includes relevant information, such as your name, title, company name, phone numbers, website, and social media icons with clickable links to your profiles.
2. Include a call to action with a link or button. For example, “Have you signed up for our newsletter? You can do that here.”
3. You may also want to include a calendar link to book a consultation with you.

Click here to read her article and to access more information in her series, The Financial Advisor’s Guide to Email Marketing.

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