Your DOFA and RE requirements

“My DOFA date is 1st August 2016. Is my deadline to pass the Regulatory Exam 30 June 2019?”

Moonstone receives many queries about the deadline for Regulatory Exam requirements. To answer this question and all FAIS related questions, FSPs and Representatives always need to take note of all Notices released by the FSCA; updates, exemptions and withdrawals of previous Notices.

FAIS Notice 86 of 2018 states that a supervised Representative must complete the applicable Regulatory Exam within 2 years from the date of first appointment (DOFA).

“The original mid-year provision now falls away, but not for those reps currently working under supervision or appointed before 1 February 2019. The mid-year provision is therefore still applicable to Representatives working under supervision or appointed before 1 February 2019.

The previous requirement which stated that there was an annual deadline of 30 June does no longer apply to reps appointed after 1 February 2019. FSPs must now calculate the two-year deadline date for completion of the applicable Regulatory Examinations from the date the Rep first entered the industry.”

It is therefore important to register in advance to write the Regulatory Exam to allow time in case you do not succeed at the first attempt.

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