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What is the predominant reason for death claims? – Discovery Life’s claims data provides answers

Discovery Life’s 2018 claims data has revealed that unnatural causes continue to be the predominant reason for death claims, among people under the age of 30. Last year, the leading causes of unnatural deaths were motor vehicle accidents (35%), suicide (32%), other accidents (17%) and crime (16%). In 2018, Discovery paid out R4.2 billion in claims, while R4.3 billion has been paid in PayBack and Cash Conversion payouts since Discovery Life’s launch in 2000.

“Sadly, trauma and unnatural deaths still cause the bulk of our young clients’ life claims,” Dr Maritha van der Walt, Chief Medical Officer for Discovery Life mentioned at the release of the claims data.

The data also revealed some good news as it showed that members between the ages of 31 and 40 are at a lower risk of dying prematurely from heart-related conditions. When compared to claims from 2013 to 2015, heart and artery claims have lowered significantly over the past three years among millennials. During this timeframe, Discovery Life has seen these clients’ heart and artery:

  • Death claims drop by 7%
  • Capital disability claims lower by 19%
  • Severe illness claims decrease by 10%
  • Income continuation benefit claims reduce by 33%.

While people in their thirties seem to have reduced some of their risks, members between 41 and 50 are struggling with suicide and depression. In older people breast, prostate and skin cancers are more experienced.

Click here to read more about the claims statistics.

In the midst of the release of the claims statistics, Discovery has also come under fire for refusing to make a payout to a client of 15 years after the Constantia man was involved in a near-death car accident earlier this year. Click here to read their response that also highlights the importance of making sure one is fully covered for any risks affecting one’s quality of life.

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