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Virtual Meeting Rooms

The Oosthuysen determination, published in December 2016, and discussed above, yet again highlights the importance of accurate record keeping, and the need to consider using technology to cover our backs from clients suffering from selective memory loss.

It appears that it is not only in rugby that the Kiwis are leading the way. A lot of important research and development in the field of technology also stems from there, and Australia.

Fintech, the acronym for financial technology, is defined by the National Digital Research Centre in Dublin, Ireland, as “innovation in financial services”, and refers to new applications, processes, products or business models in the financial services industry.

Ian Dunbar, chief executive officer of SuiteBox, recently published an article on the Top 5 emerging fintech trends we can expect in 2017.

“Global fintech marketing and events company Finovate has named the ‘virtual meeting rooms’ one of the leading wealth technology trends for 2017.”

“Why is this? Simply because video based engagement can deliver significant business benefits and an enhanced client experience. Take, for example Nationwide, the world’s largest building society, that boasts a relationship with 1 in 4 households in the UK via its 700 branches and 400 mortgage specialists.”

“After the implementation of a video consulting service, Nationwide measured customer experience, new business uplift and cost and found that 93 per cent of customers who had experienced a video meeting said it was an excellent replacement for a face-to-face consultation.”

Existing solutions such as SuiteBox allow you to share, amend and digitally sign documents with your customers in real time and authenticate documents on-screen to complete transactions immediately – no more driving to the client’s house to get that signature you missed the first time.

You also have the facility to record each and every meeting to use as proof of what actually transpired in case of a dispute.

SuiteBox is endorsed by Moonstone.

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