UK award sets up Videosign for new growth trajectory

Videosign, the unique online meeting platform that allows for e-commissioning and the remote witnessing of signatures, is set to enter a new growth phase after winning the Innovation and Technology Award at the 2022 Echo Regional Business Awards in the United Kingdom at the end of last month.

The Regional Business Awards have been held for more than 25 years and are hosted by the Liverpool Echo, the biggest-selling newspaper in the north-west of England.

Videosign chief executive Steven Tallant said the award shows that the IT industry recognises that Videosign offers something unique and that it has a future.

“Many people don’t know that Videosign exists or understand it, but once they try it, they love it and agree that it solves problems,” he said.

The other businesses to make the short-list for the Innovation and Technology Award were Algeos, a manufacturer of healthcare and rehabilitation products, and Hi-impact Consultancy, which provides technology and media solutions for the education sector.

Winning the award has already resulted in enquiries from three big corporates. In fact, on the night the awards were announced, the owner of a major vehicle leasing company approached Tallant after realising that Videosign was just what his business needed.

Tallant said the award is certain to raise Videosign’s profile across the UK.

Another spin-off from the award is that Liverpool John Moores University, one of the leading centres for technology education in the UK, wants to partner with Videosign. This will open the door for Videosign to be introduced to the next generation of business leaders, while there will be job placement opportunities at Videosign for graduates.

In March this year, the Moonstone Group announced that it was making a further £1.15 million investment in Videosign. The funding will enable Videosign to add new features and functionality.

Neil Summers, the manager of business development and sales at Moonstone Information Refinery, congratulated Tallant and his team on their well-deserved win.

“Moonstone is delighted that Videosign has received this award. It’s great that the company is being recognised for its innovation and unique technology offering in the digital interaction and transaction space. We look forward to bringing future enhancements to our different markets as the service matures,” he said.

What Videosign offers

Cloud-based Videosign not only enables businesses and professionals to engage with clients remotely, but also to identify and verify clients, and to sign, record and audit their transactions in a secure, legally admissible way.

The platform’s AI-powered facial recognition software compares an individual with their identity document, passport or driver’s licence photo to confirm their identity. It can also link to external identity databases for further checks. Videosign supports more than 3 000 types of identity document within 200 countries and territories.

User-friendly Videosign enables you to:

  • Add legally binding and tamper-proof signatures to documents effortlessly, while automatically recording video evidence.
  • Communicate and collaborate with clients in a web-based video meeting room, with no need to download or install software.
  • Engage with clients and conclude transactions from anywhere you can connect to the internet. Videosign can be accessed from any device and across all major browsers.

To find out how Videosign can enhance your business, contact Neil on 072 908 8994 or for a free demo.

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