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The future of financial advice in SA

The SuiteBox client engagement and support tool delivers video meeting and digital signing capabilities to financial advisers.

Rapid advances in fintech provide a host of solutions that streamline the delivery of financial advice, while driving customer engagement, enhancing productivity, minimising costs and ensuring workflow-embedded risk management and compliance.

Among the most exciting of these fintech solutions is SuiteBox. SuiteBox allows advisers and their clients to meet and discuss financial solutions, whether document or web based, virtually, as if in the same room. Contracts and agreements can further be signed online with digital identity certification adding a layer of validity to the transaction process.

“Not only can technology like SuiteBox improve and enhance client/adviser interaction, engagement and capacity, it does so with adherence to the highest standards of compliance, record keeping and cost effectiveness. Importantly, it will free up the adviser to focus on delivering a quality advice experience to his or her clients,” adds Hjalmar Bekker, Director of Moonstone Information Refinery, SuiteBox distributor for Africa.

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