Telematic Broadcasts Keeping you Updated

These communication sessions offer the industry an opportunity to communicate directly with the Regulator on practical matters.

When I looked at the registration page this morning, there were still a number of empty chairs for the presentation scheduled for 28 August. This satellite broadcast is aimed at independent financial advisors and will cover the following topics.

  • Unregistered investments
  • Due diligence
  • Reporting
  • Suitability analysis and
  • Disclosures

In the aftermath of the Herman Pretorius matter, and the latest warning from the FSB concerning an institution who offers a 25% return per month, it sounds like a good presentation to attend, and to ask some questions.

On 3 September there is a telematics broadcast of a presentation done earlier this year at the FSB offices in Pretoria. Those unable to attend will be able to share and discuss the Regulator’s views on the following topics:

  • Maintaining a license
  • Regulatory action
  • Debarments
  • Business practices
  • RMP
  • Registers
  • Records
  • Council for Medical Schemes approvals

You need to register on the FSB website. The rest of the year’s schedule is also available here, in PDF format.

Provision is also made for those unable to attend. Moonstone obtains a DVD of the actual broadcast within days, and distributes this to interested parties via registered or overnight mail, counter-to-counter delivery. Many FSPs prefer this option, using the DVD for in-house training.

Click here to view what is currently available. New presentations are uploaded as soon as the edited DVD is available, normally within a day of the actual presentation.


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