Tax Practioner Registration Deadline Looms

All tax practitioners are required to register with SARS. Those not registered yet, have until 1 July 2013 to register. If you are already registered, you are not required to re-register with SARS as a tax practitioner. You will, however, be required to verify and update your registration details on SARS eFiling by 1 July 2013. Additional information such as the name of your recognised controlling body must be submitted upon verifying and updating your details. And in the yellow portion above lies the rub, as Shakespeare put it. Many advisors merely complete tax returns for their clients as a service, often for free, as it provides them with insight into the client’s financial affairs. Joining a controlling body will cost far more than they earn from this service. The following is a list of currently recognised controlling bodies on the SARS website and a link to their respective websites.

Sadly, like in so many other endeavours, those who are doing a good job become the victim of intended consumer protection which, in the end, lands the poor client in a worse position than he was before the intervention. Perhaps it is time to join a trade union. It seems toy-toying is more effective these days, even if just for the exercise.


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