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Suitebox Assessment by Industry Experts

SuiteBox provides video business meeting software of specific benefit to modern day financial advisers. Apart from providing significant cost, productivity and client engagement improvements, it assists in simplifying record keeping.

Inaccurate or insufficient documentary proof is the one common denominator in all findings against financial advisers.

Moonstone became financially involved in Suitebox, as we believe it is the way business will be conducted in future. A recent review of the service was conducted on AdviserVoice, an Australian platform which gives providers of financial technology an opportunity to pitch their products, and then have it tested by a panel of financial advice professionals who then gives them practical feedback on their experience of the product.

Ian Dunbar, CEO of Suitebox, did a presentation to a panel who later discussed their views on the revolutionary new way of digitally interacting with clients.

Click here to listen to the discussion on Suitebox, which is endorsed by Moonstone for South African advisers.

You can also request a live demonstration of how Suitebox works: click here

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