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South Africans turn to Google for financial advice – What are the questions they ask?

Google recently revealed the list of the most-Googled questions they get on saving money.

Moneyweb reported that South Africans are also turning to Google for financial advice with ‘what is bitcoin?’, ‘where to sell Mandela R5 coins?’ and ‘what is forex trading?’ topping the search list. Other questions South Africans asked Google included: ‘what is a good credit score?’, ‘what is a unit trust?’, ‘where to invest?’ and ‘what is a retirement annuity?’

The article states that, while the internet is a useful tool for research, South Africans should adopt a savings mind-set and ask themselves five fail-proof questions to get their budget under control:

  1. Where does my money go every month?
  2. Am I using the 50/20/30 plan?
  3. What are my savings goals?
  4. Which tools can I use to save?
  5. Why am I battling to pay off debt?

A valued and trusted relationship between a client and financial representative would also prevent people from turning to the internet to obtain financial advice and rather approach their representative for financial guidance.

Click here to view the list of the top 10 financial questions South Africans asked Google in 2018.

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