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Social media – Five tips for cyber safety

A recent article published by Discovery explains that social media, apps and devices can leave any business vulnerable to crime. With cybercrime, it’s important to remember that criminals will take their time to research every aspect of a person or a business online so they can find ways to raise a person’s curiosity or to trigger their emotions. Social media specifically can be a huge culprit.

Facebook and LinkedIn are the perfect places to find the type of information that can make employees fall in the trap. Here are five tips for you and your employees to become more aware of social engineering and the dangers:

1. Does it make sense? Always consider the facts and common sense before you respond to any email or click on any link, even if it is from someone you know. Cybercriminals are skilled at forging emails and other information to gain access to information.
2. Limit the personal information that you place on social media.
3. Make sure the digital footprint you leave has no information that could harm your business reputation or operations.
4. Use the privacy settings that are available on social media platforms so that your information is not publically available.
5. Make employees aware that they represent your business at all times, even on social media. Communicate the social media policy for your business and remind employees to follow this policy. The golden rule is to treat the virtual world the same as you would at work and in other situations.

Click here to read the rest of the article that also focusses on the dangers of mobile devices and apps.

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