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Saving money top priority for South Africans – Good news for financial advisers

South Africans have resolved to save money this year, according to the results of an online YouGov survey commissioned by YouTube. According to the survey, 59% of South African adults have set this as a primary goal for 2020.

The online survey was conducted in 13 countries. The survey results offer an interesting look at the most popular New Year’s resolutions in each geography. Belgians, like South Africans, have also resolved ‘to save money’. This differs from the overall trend which puts traveling or acquiring healthier habits in the top charts across the markets surveyed.

According to the results shared in various media, technology plays an important role in not only monitoring the achievement of an individual’s goals, but also to access quality content. South African adults who have made a New Year’s resolution indicated that YouTube (46%), social media (43%), and mobile apps (42%) are important platforms that they used to help them achieve their last New Year’s resolutions.

New year resolutions are notoriously fickle. Perhaps you should get your clients to put their money where their minds were early in January before Februworry kicked in.

Click here to read more about the results as published in the Citizen.

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