Running and your money – The link between exercise and financial resilience

Research shows that those who exercise regularly earn more than those who don’t.

According to Sydney Mbhele, CEO: Brand at Sanlam, the lead sponsor of the Sanlam Cape Town Marathon, the myriad physical benefits of exercise are well documented.

“What is less well known is that these benefits spill over into earning power and financial habits. Becoming fit and achieving financial resilience requires very similar disciplines – you need to plan your goals and track your progress, you need to have determination and focus to stay the course and sometimes you need to make sacrifices for a better outcome.”

Mbhele identifies four ways in which leading an active lifestyle can benefit finances: Boosted productivity and better performance, fewer sick days, more focus and discipline as well as lower medical expenses.

What could be more motivating than knowing exercise will not only make you fitter – it will also make your wallet fatter! Now is the time to plan,” Mbhele advises.

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