Reporting a vehicle accident – Limited online option now available

For minor damages, motorists can now report a crash online via the National Traffic Information System (NATIS) website in order to obtain a case number.

However, there are a few stipulations, with only minor crashes that can be reported and it must be done within 24 hours or on the first working day. Uploading a crash report is legally binding, according to the NATIS site.

The system will then provide the user with a summary PDF that can be emailed or downloaded by the user for proof of submission. The output will include an online Crash Report (CR) number that will be emailed or sent to you by SMS. The CR number can be used for the submission of insurance claims. There is no charge for the service.

Note: Although this new arrangement takes out the schlep of visiting a Police station, hopefully the NATIS system has been sufficiently tested to be able to cope with the demand.

Click here to access the NATIS website for more information.

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