PSG Asset class perspectives – Looking beyond the corona crisis

In the same way that the COVID-19 pandemic has created a new normal with a future that looks quite different to the one that all predicted at the start of 2020, there are also a huge changes expected in the economy – unprecedented monetary and fiscal stimulus measures have been introduced by policymakers around the world to counteract the impact on economies. “While much remains uncertain, we are increasingly intrigued by the possibility that the future could look very different to the most recent experience,” according to Justin Floor, a fund manager at PSG Asset Management.

According to Floor, the pandemic has brought about an exceptional amount of uncertainty and noise. “It is important to acknowledge that the environment is fluid and to focus on what we know is certain, rather than falling prey to emotional decision-making. We know that normality will return to both our lives and markets at some point: no crisis lasts forever and calm, patient investors will be rewarded in time.”

Click here to read more about his current perspective on asset classes where he provides insights on local and foreign equities, listed property and the favour of SA government bonds over corporate credit and cash.

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