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Miserable Countries

No, this has nothing to places to avoid when travelling around the globe. In fact, it may well be places you wish to go to, given the poor exchange rate because of the state they’re in.

Bloomberg’s Misery Index combines countries’ 2017 inflation and unemployment outlooks to calculate the state of misery, and provides comparisons on various levels.

In view of recent events in South Africa, we thought you might be interested to see how we fare against other in the Les Miserables contest.

Well, for once, we are near the top, although it is not really where you want to be. Having maintained our position from last year is also not an impressive performance. Perhaps we should ask them to swop places with the Springboks? That should keep both parties happy.

I belong to a conversation group comprising a few locals and two expats.

After receiving this article, titled These Economies Are Getting More Miserable This Year, the bloke in New Zealand remarked:

“I’ve been asked to meet a few South Africans over the last few years – all in NZ looking for jobs and opportunities. They’ve all had a similar mood about them and I’ve struggled to put a label on it. Now I know: the word is miserable.”

To which the converted Aussie retorted:

“My family in SA still have hope, believe it will be good, are “happy” etc. Admittedly, they do drink a lot.”

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