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Level 3 kicks in on 1 June – Guidelines to reset your business

Moving to level 3 will mean that most sectors of the economy will reopen on the 1st of June. However, the reopening of South Africa’s economy after COVID-19 lockdown comes with strict requirements. Every business will have to adhere to detailed health and safety protocols to protect their employees, and plans will also have to be put in place for disease surveillance and to prevent infection.

Moonstone’s latest product offers peace of mind in knowing that, as a business, you have taken all reasonable steps to ensure that you have not only have you complied with the regulatory requirements, but that you have ensured a safer work environment for employees returning to work.

Inside your pack

The COVID-19 Compliance Pack provides essential guidance, self-help tools and documents for businesses that can resume or partially resume operations, under the lockdown regulations. As a result, it eases the tedious process and assists with meeting the regulatory requirements in respect of workplace readiness in compliance with the COVID-19 readiness requirements. Failure to comply with requirements can lead to fines, criminal prosecution and civil liability.

The pack contains, amongst others, the following documents and templates:

Latest Legislation and Directives from various departments
Common COVID-19 questions
Guidelines for symptom monitoring and management
Workplace Preparedness
COVID-19 Workplace Plan
COVID-19 Compliance Officer Appointment Letter
COVID-19 Employee Health Risk Assessment
COVID-19 Guidelines
COVID-19 Workplace Readiness Checklist
COVID-19 Workplace Risk Assessment
Infectious disease preparedness and response plan COVID-19; and
Permit to Perform Essential Service or Permitted Services Regulation 16(2)(b) and 28(4)

Included in the pack is access to Moonstone’s online course, Managing the Coronavirus, a guide for both employers and employees.. The course provides an overview of important facts relating to the coronavirus, as well as the best practices to be implemented within the workplace/ remote workplace, so as to protect staff and clients. Ensure that your staff, whether working off- or on premises, understand what is required of them.

The complete COVID-19 Compliance Pack and course is now available online for only R500 (excluding VAT). Add it to your shopping cart today and ensure that your business is compliant, and your staff and clients safe.

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