Jaw Well Now Fine

Sport24 reports that Jebb Sinclair and fellow loose forward Tyrone Holmes both appeared before the SARU committee on Tuesday after receiving red cards for punching in their team’s loss to the Sharks in Durban over the weekend. Holmes was suspended for one match, while Sinclair was allowed to play in their Currie Cup clash against Griquas on Saturday.

Judicial Officer Peter Ingwersen ruled that Sinclair was severely provoked in that he was struck five times by his opponent with an open hand before he retaliated, which led to the decision to free him from further punishment.

Click here to see a video clip of Jebb’s left Jab.

Alex Bax writes:

Jebb Sinclair's punch on Jean Deysel

Jebb Sinclair’s punch on Jean Deysel

The Judicial Officer, Peter Ingwersen should explain how a punch (especially that one) “is” justified under provocation. An argument that will now be used by many bully boys in the future, taking our game back ten years.

At schools rugby the boys are banned for the rest of the school term for that, at club rugby those punchers earned the players a 6 to 8 week ban. His ruling is very inconsistent and a bad advert for rugby – Lets hope that the punch does not creep back into the game, after this slap on the wrist.


 Even with provocation a punch like that is unacceptable, as it could kill someone younger. 80% of rugby players are schoolboys, who always copy their heroes anyway

The fact that WP will have their “own internal hearing” is a good sign, lets hope that they put out a very strong statement condemning this behaviour.

In the end, WP retained Sinclair at 8, apparently agreeing with Ingwersen’s view of the incident.

I certainly hope that Heyneke Meyer does not follow Coetzee’s example by retaining Greyling in his squad for the remainder of the competition. Click here to see the video clip of Greyling’s “assault” as the Kiwis called it.

Concerning the two week penalty meted out to Dean Greyling, Brian writes as follows:

Apparently one Paul Tulley, a Brisbane-based lawyer who is described as the SANZAR judicial officer, was the person responsible for the sanction. He also ruled on Quade Cooper a couple of months ago. Perhaps someone knows whether he acted alone or not?

Is anyone aware of a “penal code” (for lack of a better word) in rugby? Are there standards for specific infringements, with opportunity for mitigating or aggravating circumstances to be considered?

I must admit that there was a huge resemblance between Sinclair’s right jab and Gert Small’s right hook which pole-axed Gary Knight. Click here to compare.

All three incidents resulted from provocation, but times have changed. Sadly, it is often the lack of action by an official that leads to this.

As in our business.

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