Guidance for Hedge Funds

The Financial Services Board published guidelines on requirements for advertising, marketing and information disclosure applicable to Hedge Funds.

Following the declaration of hedge funds as collective investment schemes, all hedge funds are required to comply with the requirements of CISCA and relevant subordinate legislation. Accordingly, all managers must, as far as practically possible, ensure compliance with the requirements of Board Notice 92 of 2014 which prescribes requirements for marketing, advertising and information disclosure for collective investment schemes.

The aim of the Guidance Note is to provide clarity on the requirements of Board Notice 92 to the extent that the Notice applies to hedge funds.

As with the lodging process for other collective investment schemes, hedge fund managers must lodge material through the FSB online submission portal. (Refer to Annexure A to the Guidance Note: Process for the lodging of hedge funds material with the FSB). The online portal will be accessible to pre-registered individuals responsible for submissions on behalf of a manager.

Please click here to download the official FSB document containing Annexure A referred to above.

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