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Four ways to stay relevant in the techno world

Technology is redefining the way that we do business. The future of how we work beyond 2020 will be very different from how we lived and worked in 2010. A recent Forbes article discusses how to stay relevant as a Financial Advisor. Sal Tiano of J.P. Morgan Securities, shares four ways to ensure your practice stays relevant throughout the years to come:

1. Leverage technology
Technological advances, which have made it possible to transmit information in the blink of an eye, have changed the way we connect with clients, as well as how and when we connect. Clients are more educated than ever before. They aren’t looking to us for the data — they are looking to us for advice on what all that data means.
2. Embrace changing demographics
To connect with the new dynamic, diverse group of clients, advisors need to make sure their employees are just as dynamic and diverse.
3. Maintain traditional communication methods the best you can
Although your clients are comfortable with digital communication, it doesn’t mean you should abandon face-to-face interactions.
4. Always look ahead
Make sure you are always ready for the future and the challenges it brings. Read, read, read. And then some more reading.

“Sometimes we get so swept up in day-to-day life that we forget to look into the future and prepare ourselves for it. Create a team that is dynamic and diverse, so that you are better positioned to handle potential changes on the horizon. The future is evolving; position yourself to be excited about it,” Tiano advises.

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