Facing the facts around retrenchment

In a recent media release, Carrie Furman, assistant tax manager at Allan Gray quotes author Bill Knaus’s steps in taking action in dealing with change, specifically with the possibility of retrenchment that might face many South Africans this year.

According to Knaus awareness is one of two major parts of this change process. Purposeful action is the other. Facing up to the possibility of retrenchment and taking steps to become more financially resilient is therefore key. Furman highlights the importance of consulting with a financial adviser on the best solution, as a vital step.

At the start of the year it is therefore important that financial advisers assist their clients to navigate the unavoidable twists and turns in life to meet their financial goals, while also helping them to avoid the pitfalls of investing on your own. Financial education has become key in the financial adviser/client relationship.

Click here to download Furman’s media release that will provide your client with guidance with regards to retrenchment and the decisions that he or she will have to make.


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